Fully automatic vibration measurements


Fully automated vibration measurements any time, any place, 24 hours per day with no difficulty.  For construction and demolition projects, events, windmills, businesses, industry, manufacturers, etc. Fully automated plug-and-play system has no complicated software, firewalls or server settings to deal with. Measurements are calculated according to the SBR directive A, B or C or DIN 4150. The AuroVibe uses modern tri-axial planar shear piezoelectric accelerometers with temperature monitoring and additional MEMS monitoring sensor.

The AuroVibe can quicly, easily, efficiently and very accurately  measure and monitor vibrations following SBR or other international guidelines. AuroVibe's sensor, complete measuring circuit and filters fully comply with the SBR directive and are fully certified by an independent accredited laboratory. This RvA calibration certificate is the only valid proof that the meter complies with the SBR directive and DIN 45.669 to 1.