The results are displayed graphically or as data in tables. Users can generate automatic PDF reports and have them sent automatically.

Analysis & diagnostics

Analysis and diagnostic reports can be automatically sent to any email address in PDF and Excel format. No ed to go to the measurement locations to collect your data. Thresholds can be set remotely; when thresholds are exceeded, an alarm is automatically sent via SMS or email. All measured values can be easily processed using Excel. Each trace reading is available as a function of velocity or acceleration; at-a-glance you can see your test values.

Push data system
Since AuroVibe works with a push data system there is no need to install any software. The push data system also provides the ability to automatically generate the reports themselves, and even map the data automatically for plotting. Using the built-in GPS system, your points are immediately visible in Google Earth when you log on to our server. We automatically provide backups and save the data standard 1 year.

Below an impression of the dashboard: