Remote AuroVibe plug-and-play vibration meter

Remote Control

The AuroVibe plug-and-play vibration meter can connect to 220V or a Li-on battery. Set your vibration meter manually or remotely online via any web browser. The AuroVibe system can be operated remotely The AuroVibe Monitoring System is self-monitoring and able to send notifications/alarms via email or SMS when a threshold is exceeded. Reports are automatically generated in pdf format and can be plotted on maps or photos and automatically sent via email.  Send all data to your email address or a group of email addresses in Exel format; you define report formats or use default templates.

Power can be supplied via solar panel, battery pack or AC. Data transfer takes place via a modem (GPRS, GSM data, LAN, ISDN, Analog). The AuroVibe System is watertight to IP67.

Below an impression of the Dashboard

Impressie Dashboar AuroVibe