AuroVibe technical specifications

Technical specs

Standard Full independent Accreditation Council certification (+ sensor measuring circuit, determining dominant frequency DIN and SBR, etc.). Fully compliant SBR Part A and B as well as DIN 4150 and other standards. See Accreditation Council accredited calibration report.
Meter fashion Fully adjustable plug-and-play over the internet

DIN 45,669-1 class 1 & SBR Part A and B (as well as DIN 4150 and ISO)

Accuracy a> 0.000125 mm / s2 @ 1Hz Accuracy takes 20 dB per octave band from 1 Hz.
Accelerometer Tri-axial (x, y, z) planar shear-piezo electric (welded sealeded) with temperature monitoring. Mems controlled.
Range a =0.1 – 100.000 mm/s2  
Frequency 1-100 Hz (adjustable in hardware)
Input IEPE type (channels 1, 2, 3)
Data storage On-board 32Gb, (Internet) online unlimited
Sensor stabiliteit > 10 years
Display LCD with backlight
Memory 32 MB of non-volatile, unlimited online storage.
Interfaces RS232 
Nutrition Lithium Battery or 220V
Environmental Conditions, environmental conditions sensor  Temperature from -40 oC to 120 oC
waterproof IP68
Dimensions 180x125x70