Vibration measurements DIN 4150 Vibration Effects on People & Buildings

Vibration measurements DIN 4150

The German standard DIN 4150 has been the basis for the Netherlands' SBR guidelines. An important difference between the Dutch and German standards is  determining the dominant frequency (with respect to section 3). The German standard is based on the physically dominant frequency ,while the SBR determines which frequency exceeds the maximum limits. The AuroVibe does both. You can therefore see what the differences are, and you can always switch between the two standards. The German standard measure also uses the weighted vibration greatness KB (Kenwerte für die Beurteilung von Erschütterungen).

DIN 4150 has three parts:

     DIN 4150-1 Erschütterungen im Bauwesen: Vorermittlung von Schwingungsgrößen

     DIN 4150-2 Erschütterungen im Bauwesen: Einwirkungen auf Menschen in Gebäuden

     DIN 4150-3 Einwirkungen auf bauliche Anlagen

In the aforementioned DIN, standards for requirements on the measurement equipment and measurement referred to:

     DIN 45,669 to 1 Messung von Schwingungsimmissionen: Anforderungen und Prüfungen

     DIN 45,669-2 Messung von Schwingungsimmissionen: Messverfahren