AuroVibe automatically monitors vibration levels in any building that might be susceptible to damage from vibration

Vibration measurements SBR A

Vibration can damage buildings during construction under a variety of different circumstances. Many buildings and structures are not explicitly designed to absorb vibration, so that there can be a risk of damage. The level of risk depends on the nature and the construction of the structure, and the nature, strength and frequency of the vibration. Since verification of the burden vibration places on a building’s structural integrity in relation to its resilience, it is desirable in certain cases to adhere to guidelines put out by the Building Research Foundation (SBR) Directive (A) for the measurement and assessment of damage to buildings due to vibration. The directive distinguishes the construction method and the state of the building.

AuroVibe automatically monitors vibration levels in any location, 24/7.  You can set up AuroVibe remotely, change the type of measurement and other parameters online by simply pressing the applicable button. Below is an impression from the AuroVibe dashboard: