Vibration measurements with acceleration sensor


The AuroVibe vibration meter stores large quantities of full value information. The AuroVibe has an onboard storage capacity of up to 4-32Gb.

The AuroVibe is a new state-of-the-art vibration meter that can perform fully automatic vibration measurements according to the SBR directive A, SBR directive B or other international standards. Modern tri-axial planar shear-piezo-electric accelerometers with temperature monitoring is used to register vibration. This sensor is locked and sealed in stainless steel housing and protected against bumps, drops and being thrown. The high-quality ceramics of this sensor provides a pure, stable measurement for many years with a completely flat frequency response in range, without electronic corrections and annoying phase distortions.

By making use of an acceleration sensor, instead of a speed sensor (Geophone) much more accurate vibration measurements can be carried out; we guaranteed a high rate of accuracy.  The AuroVibe prevents misinterpretation and analysis in the assessment of the effect of vibration on foundations. Differentiation of the speed signal to acceleration can be due to incorrect setting of systems that measure speed cause large errors. This is also the case with no harmonics.

The system is fully plug-and-play and fully automated via any web browser, for convenient settings changes (such as the length of the trace), pre- and post length of the trace, heartbeat of the system communication interval, alarm values, etc. Thanks to highly accurate synchronization of all measurement systems in combination with the built-in digital compass, navigation direction, etc.