Vibration measurements at building demolition sites


During demolition, both the SBR A Directive (Damage to Buildings) or SBR Directive B (nuisance for persons in buildings), the AuroVibe is an easy-to-use, extremely accurate and reliable vibration measurement tool for both directives. You decide online which measurement you want to perform and which test will take place with a few simple clicks.

In the SBR Directive Vibrations B (nuisance to people), construction and demolition are grouped under continuous or repeated vibrations occurring over short periods. The table below lists the target values A1 and A2 for the existing maximum vibration intensity Vmax and A3 for the long-term average effective value Vper displayed on a floor. The values apply to daytime periods (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.). For evening and night time, stricter requirements apply. You can use the AuroVibe dashboard to automatically set targets for A1 interpolate for a period of 1 to 78 days.