AuroVibe highly accurate vibration measurements for fundamental research


The AuroVibe vibration measurements can be used for basic research. Due to the very accurate time-stamps, built-in compass and highly accurate measurement <0.1% deviation are far-reaching as possible analyzes of several systems simultaneously in combination with each other. With this, for example, may be very accurate, the transmission of vibrations are registered trademarks acknowledged as a source of vibration (for example, a rail or machine) via the bottom to the foundation of a building and then to the floor of that building. Also, the machines, for example, can be analyzed at the different vibration paths. Because with a simple click of the mouse data from different measuring systems can be overlaid on each other can be rapidly carried out a vibration analysis based on which action can be determined.

Due to the very high accuracy of the measurement system also creates a reliable and useful statistical processing of the measurement data. This latter process can overigs happen automatically in the Dashboard of the AuroVibe.

Selecting vibrations that do not belong in the measurement data at home is made possible with the press of a button.