Vibration measurements during pile driving as SBR Directive

Pile driving activities

Construction may incorporate vibration from pile driving. Many buildings and structures are not explicitly designed to absorb vibrations, so that there is a risk of damage depending on the nature and construction of the structure and the nature, strength and frequency of the vibrations. Since verification of the toll vibrations take on buildings in relation to the resilience of buildings. In 1993 the Building Research Foundation (SBR) Directive (no. 1) was established for the measurement and assessment of damage to buildings by vibration. In August 2002, the SBR Directive 1 was replaced by the SBR Directive A: "Damage to Buildings. AuroVibe fully automatically monitors vibrations from piling.

Below is a table is given with the dominant frequencies of vibration sources.

Vibration source

Type of vibration

Dominant frequency (Hz)

Pile driving

Repeated short-term


Vibration of sheet piles

Vibration frequency (1200-2300 tour / min) Continuous



Repeated short-term


Very indicative that can be maintained at a distance of less than 15 meters from the pile-driving rig, account should be taken of a risk of damage as a result of the pile driving. That does not mean that no damage or nuisance may occur at greater distances! Even at a distance of 100 [m] of a pile driving frame vibrations can be felt in a building. By carefully monitoring the vibration can be prevented damage and nuisance.