Twenty reasons to buy an AuroVibe



Reasons to buy or rent an AuroVibe:

     Measuring gears instead of speed
     Mobile, plug-and-play, simply plug in the socket or Li-Ion batteries
     No cables or Lan connection needed--
data via GPRS / G4
     No software installation needed--
all via web browser.
     One time line set, the rest is fully automatic!
     Automatic measurement report, when and how often you want.
     Automatic SMS and Email alerts to individuals and groups.
     Standard reports, charts and tables available.
     Default login portal for further data analysis if you want.
     All traces are kept for one year! Highly accurate measurements!
     Grant rights to third parties, consult examples from the past.
     Edit on-line meter setting
     Compass function built into the sensor
     Temperature correction built into the sensor
     Incline measurement in the sensor built-humidity sensor
     Time synchronization all measuring systems
     Trace length pre- and post-time adjustable
     Choice method dominant frequency determination
     Various online analysis capabilities, correlations
     The original signal remains stored