BTS (Policy Vibration Nuisance Rail) Vibration measurements

Track vibration nuisance

The current rules regarding vibrations are defined in the "Policy Vibration Nuisance Track" abbreviated BTS. BTS is actually an addition to the SBR directive B "Nuisance for Persons in Buildings, measurement and assessment board directive." These additions are:
  • The standards for whether or not to take measurement. BTS indicates when the route measures should include the reduction of vibrations that will arise as a result of a modification or construction of a railway.
  •  Efficiency Criterion (definite or certain measures are effective).
  • The vibration intensity Vmax is determined over a period of at least 1 week. Similar to the greatness Vmax, stat. from the SBR Directive B but elaborated.
  • Introduction of the so-called R-value. The R-value is expressed as a percentage of uncertainty Vmax, BTS. Aiming at a value <10%
  • Introduction of Q-value ratio of the vibration level in the planning and reference situation.

The BTS idistinguishes between daytime, night time and night period. A distinction is also made between new and existing situations. For definitions of these, refer to the "Policy Vibration Nuisance Track" (BTS) .

To determine the vibration strength in a building, the effective vibration velocity must be measured in a building over a period of at least one week. This effective vibration speed is measured as a rolling average per 30 seconds. Nexr, the maximum value of the moving average is taken, per 30 seconds. A statistical procedure  then determines a value for Vmax, BTS (see Appendix IV). This value is used for monitoring the target. Vper gives an indication of the vibration intensity. This value is determined by taking the root mean square of the maximum vibration strength per 30 seconds if it falls beyond the threshold value of 0.1. Vibration speeds below 0.1 are barely noticeable and are not included in the determination of the Vper. The root mean square is subsequently corrected for the time come the vibration speeds above 0.1.